The Walking Dead Skull Flask

The Walking Dead Skull Flask

You'd probably want to be drunk 24/7 if you lived in a bleak zombie apocalypse, where you must fight the living and fear the dead. Commemorate those tough times with this awesome flask! Featuring AMC's hit The Walking Dead logo along with an intricate skull montage, it's a must for fans of the show!




This item ships to the U.S. and Canada.

Death is all around on The Walking Dead, whether from the titular undead monsters or humanity's worst impulses run wild, and sometimes it just makes you want a drink. Fans of the hit TV show can imbibe in its spirit with this strikingly designed flask, featuring a stylized skull made up of some of its most memorable zombies. Faux bullet holes confirm that this is one flask fit for the apocalypse. Measures 5-inches tall.